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That you are able to do all the actions related to your treatment by yourself. But with great honor our professional staff can help you in the entire process of choosing the best specialists, booking treatment time, accommodation, as well as in recovery care. In fact, our aim is to save your time, money, and to make the process simplified for you without any hassles or stress. Speak with our experienced consultants to know more.


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Comments of our guests

Upon contact with MediTrip Company, as a medical tourism facilitator based in Iran, they have organised a 10-day trip to Iran and greatly met all the travel requirements such as visa, accommodation, coordination with the specialized clinics and best nose surgeon. A Few days after the operation, I traveled to Isfahan with a wonderful Meditrip tour guide. We had some memorable moments. Thank you! I strongly recommend just contacting them and telling them what you want.


After hearing about the quality of services and lower cost of hair transplantation in Iran, I have decided to fly to Iran. So I began to search on the internet to find information about how to travel to Iran for a hair transplant and found the MediTrip Team. They managed everything from 0 to 100 and I should say my trip to Iran exceeded my expectations. Thank you, thank you.


I grew up in Iran and left the country because of my studies. When I told my husband who is not Persian that I am going for dental care to Iran, he said, ‘Why would you want to go there’? I told him that my Iranian friends recommended me to MediTrip in Iran. My friend’s experience in Iran with Meditrip has been very amazing and satisfying. Everything has been done on time. The doctors, hotels and hospitals selected by the team were very suitable and efficient. Anyway, my trip to Iran has been done and I want to emphasize that everything was true. I am so happy about this, and proud of the Iran dentist.


While springs in Europe are well known, Iran’s many mineral springs have for long remained under my dream. Many thanks to Meditrip for helping me easily turn my dream into reality. The town of Sarein, located in the Northern Province of Ardebil, is particularly known inside Iran for its many mineral hot and cold springs and is a must-see stop for any travelers in the area. Whether for healing or relaxation, Sarein is well worth a visit for any Iran traveler. Located within a few hours’ drive of most major areas in Northern Iran, and only about 7 hours from Tehran, it will be a memory you won’t forget. I highly recommend it.


It was for a while that I was feeling that I am reluctant to take medication, and I was believing that it would be better to start with an adjusted diet, self-care, exercise, and learn how to control my anxiety. I noticed traditional Iranian medicine is one of the most ancient forms of medicine in the world. I tried to use it before adding another prescription. I contacted Meditrip and they nicely helped me with traditional medicine on my trip to Iran. Sometimes small adjustments can bring big results in your well-being. Do contact Meditrip, they know what to do! Yes, believe it!